Creating an efficient treatment for cancer patients

prime DX test provides a detailed blueprint of the tumor’s biology. The physician uses it in order to design the most effective treatment plan for cancer patients.

The test should be utilized for the following cases:

  • Aggressive tumors with no standard treatment
  • When the initial treatment plan has been completed but more treatment options must be taken under consideration.
  • Rare Tumors
  • For choosing secondary treatment
  • Tumors of unknown primary tumor
  • Tumors without an established “gold standard” treatment
  • Tumors with many available treatment options where the physician must clarify which one will be the most effective on a particular patient.


Why the prime DX

Choosing the right treatment: prime DX multigene analysis provides a comprehensive picture of tumor biology and helps doctors and patients personalize the treatment plan. It analyzes 500+ unique cancer genes and additionally the immunotherapy biomarkers MSI, PD-L1 and TMB, as well as the LOH biomarker for treatment with PARP inhibitors, giving the physician a clear indication of which treatments will benefit the patient and which will not.

Continuous support for the doctor and the patient from our experienced team.

The process of the prime DX test or any other test at Genekor Medical S.A. it does not end with the announcement of the results. Our experienced teams of customer service and scientific advisors work with the doctor and the patient throughout the process, providing information and scientific data about the recommended treatments on a case-by-case basis, as well as guiding the patient through the entire examination process, creating a strong support system to both.

Highly modern, sensitive and reliable technology: The test uses the polygenic oncology variant analysis (GenePlus) which is a qualitative in vitro diagnostic test (CE-IVD), which detects variants in 1021 genes associated with tumors and gene rearrangements / fusions in 38 genes. In addition, it analyzes biomarkers for immunotherapy response, including HLA detection, and biomarkers for chemotherapy response.
The new MGI-DNBSEQ-G400 technology allows the laboratory to analyze a large load of multiple samples simultaneously and with higher sensitivity, providing faster, reliable results at a lower cost. This next-generation technology, which has demonstrated high reproducibility, sensitivity and specificity, has been adopted by leading oncology institutions worldwide.

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