PrIMe is the evolved 500+ genes and immunotherapy-response biomarkers

assay developed to provide a clear insight of the tumor’s biology

of each patient to the physician and assist in planning the most effective individualized treatment for each case.

Order the test

Ask your physician if you are eligible for the PrIMe test.

Sample requirement

Tissue from surgery or biopsy which is embedded in paraffin (FFPET) is required for this test. Your sample will be collected per your physician’s' instructions.

Analysis Process

Your sample will arrive to our accredited laboratory and your report will be generated and released to you and your physician in 15 working days.


Your report will be electronically released to your physician via email and/or uploaded to our secure portal, and to you via email or mail.

PrIMe - molecular test

This breakthrough technology along with cloud computing and bioinformatics work together in order to analyze massive volumes of data from the patients’ genome and transform it into an interactive report providing information on these main categories of results:

  • Molecular profiling of the tumor tissue with details on specific gene mutations.
  • Suggested on-label Therapies that can be of great benefit to the specific patient with interactive feed of medical information
  • Suggested off-label therapies that can be of great benefit to the specific patient with interactive feed of medical information
  • Suggested investigational therapies with interactive feed of clinical trials .
  • Treatments with associated resistance- that will not be of benefit to the specific patient.
  • Medication suggestions with recorded indications.

Why choose PrIMe?

  • PrIMe multi-gene assay provides a clear indication of the tumor biology and helps doctors and patients choose a personalized treatment
  • Continuous support to the doctor and the patient from our experienced team
  • The report incorporates interactive links, which redirect the physician to medical information about the specific gene mutation and other relevant medical data
  • The PrIMe method is the evolution of MATCH, an already widely validated study selected by the National Cancer Institute in the United States
  • Analyzing several genes simultaneously with the use of a small sample of tissue at a low cost
  • State of the art technology, which has demonstrated high reproducibility, sensitivity and specificity

Results & Reporting

PrIMe is a widely validated assay that has been selected by the National Cancer Institute in the United States, as the assay of choice for stratifying more than 3000 patients that participate in the MATCH (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice) Clinical Trial to assign to them targeted treatments.

Who should be tested?

PrIMe Molecular Cancer Test

PrIMe is designed in order to allow you and your physician to select which is the optimal targeted treatment based on your unique tumor biology.

This test is designed for the following cases:

  • Aggressive tumors with no standard treatment
  • When the initial treatment plan has been completed but more treatment options must be taken under consideration.
  • Tumors with many available treatment options where the physician must clarify which one will be the most effective on a particular patient.
  • For a clear indication of the patient’s immune response system in order to know if an immunotherapy plan would be a suitable plan or/and in order to create an efficient immunotherapy plan .
  • Tumors of unknown primary tumor
  • Rare tumors.
  • Tumors without an established “gold standard” treatment

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